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Benjamin, Google Review

“It had been several years since I had been to the dentist, not out of fear of the drill or of the bill but because I hate being chastised for not taking care of myself as well as recommended. My old dentist would do that– it made me feel awful… But thankfully the folks at Fresh Smile treated me much better.
All of the staff at Fresh Smile Dental made me feel welcomed. They were all kind, informative and realistic about dental health/hygiene. They didn’t make me feel like I was horrible for occasionally forgetting to brush my teeth, and they didn’t make me feel guilty for having a couple of small cavities. The dental tech who cleaned my teeth even mentioned how it’s hard for her to remember to brush her teeth at night when she is groggy and getting ready for bed, so sometimes even she forgets. That made me feel a lot better about myself, that I wasn’t alone in forgetting every now and then."

Mary, Yelp review

“On my first visit to this office I was struck by three things the most:
1) they actually have a dedicated parking lot on Capitol Hill!!
2) The staff is incredibly friendly in the best way, starting with Tracy at the front (super pleasant, caring, and helpful).
3) Dr. Maggie is very experienced and skilled, but she did something unusual–she listened to me and addressed what my concerns and desires were, in addition to adding more knowledge and context to the discussion. That alone is worth 5+ stars! Especially in health care!
As I have visited more often, it just gets more apparent that this dental office is a real asset to all of us in Capitol Hill, and Seattle, in general (since there IS PARKING!).
If you are reading this, you should call Dr. Maggie and her warm-hearted team, you will be pleasantly surprised and in amazing hands!”

Erica, Facebook review

“Attentive staff, explained the plan and why, showed me the cost, and asked my consent before proceeding. I was treated like a customer! I have two cracked molars that were very sensitive. I could not breath through my mouth when exercising or chew on the right side for pain. And gums that were not well cared for.
I was headed toward crowns as a next-to-last-resort (the dreaded root canal was the only relief if the crown would not relieve pain.) They recommended better gum care and instructed how; to a person each one told me the same thing. I followed instructions. Now, no pain. I can chew nuts on that side, even. And no crown and no root canal needed. Thanks for the terrific care, the education, and the professional staff. They improved my quality of life on several fronts; no pain, no major restorative dental work (saves me $2000!), and healthier mouth. Thank you!”

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