Engineering Controls & Administrative Controls

we modified our floor plan to better accommodate social distancing, enhanced our office air filtration system, staggered our appointment scheduling for less concentration of patients and staff in any one area of our office, and reinforced our staff and doctor PPE barriers, all to further enhance the protection of your experience. Medical grade air purifiers with HEPA filters & UV-C lights were added in each operatories, waiting area, office area and break room. Additional barriers and separation, increased air exchange were added to create directional air movement and improve indoor air quality.

Enhanced Patient Protocol

We added protocols such as patient pre-screening, temperature check, longer appointment time and other scheduling modifications to allow better social distancing. At Fresh Smile Seattle, we follow and exceed the recommendations of CDC, ADA and OSHA, to offer our patients the most protective environment for all dental care procedures.

Extra-oral Suction Unit to Remove Aerosol

Innovative aerosol suction system captures aerosols generated from dental procedures. With an extensive medical-grade HEPA H13 filtration system, along with a UV light disinfectant, this new technology adds  extra protection to our staffs and patients.

Advanced dry-shield technology, the all-in-one isolation system,  bringing ease and comfort to doctors and patients.  Designed by a dentist for dentists. Providing quality dentistry and the ideal patient experience.

In this COVID-19 Pandemic, we are looking to add confidence in the safety and protection for us all. In addition to our ongoing strict guidelines with regards to CDC guidelines and "universal precautions", we are pleased to announce additional layer of safety we have added to facilitate the care and protection of both our patients and our staff. The aerosol suction pro system provides additional high-volume removal of droplets and aerosols generated from dental procedures. With an extensive medical-grade HEPA air purifying system, along with a UV-C light disinfectant and plasma sanitization, viral and germ products can be minimized. We have extensive employee daily screening, hand hygiene & PPE wearing protocols for all staff members in place. From full personal protection equipment (PPE) to complete sterilization of all instrumentation to infection control protocol in all operatories, bathrooms, hallways, front office reception area, we are there to provide dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. We meet the highest standard in training, including monthly testing and a training session in OSHA compliance. We are confident the extraoral dental suction will be a great addition to our safety protocol.